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Reduce The
Cost of Fraud

Competitive Advantage
  • The cost of fraud goes beyond losses by negatively impacting
    customer experiences, while expending resources to control it. Our approach combines advanced technology with a highly trained risk management team to minimize fraud risk.
Stop Fraud
  • 2c’s real-time fraud detection technology – delivered through highly configurable fraud parameters, a robust fraud monitoring dashboard and integration with major fraud scoring solutions – runs hundreds of pre-authorization checks on transactions in real-time, preventing fraud before it occurs.
Risk Management
  • L19’s risk management services are backed by a dedicated team of fraud analysts who work 24/7/365 to investigate events, interface with consumers to verify if fraud has occurred and address operational requirements such as reporting.
Card Controls
  • Deputize your customers in the fight against fraud and give them the power to manage their account. If a fraud event occurs, the L19 platform sends fraud alerts to both clients and consumers through multiple channels, including SMS text and email.
Peace of Mind

Take comfort in knowing that defenses are in place to detect fraud as it’s happening, and that L19’s parameters and rules-driven platform can respond quickly to any fraud event – minimizing the impact on your customers and keeping you in control.

Protect Cardholders

With fraud under control, online businesses can focus on growing revenue through higher conversion rates and other initiatives, like adding new products or international expansion. L19's business intelligence and reporting tools make it easy to maximize sales opportunities of current customers and incrementally increase sales to new customers.

Beat Fraud

For each transaction, our platform analyzes hundreds of relevant variables and activity across the globe in real-time, providing the most accurate fraud protection available. Applies a multitude of proven and proprietary technologies based on the specific needs of each customer, minimizing fraud loss and the need for manual review of orders.

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Latitude 19 Fraud Management
Best of Breed

Although there is no sure-fire way to protect against security attacks, TranzAxis Fraud Management offers multiple layers of protection, detection and prevention, which can substantially reduce the risks faced by any institution.

The solution provides financial institutions with the tools they need to quickly respond to new fraud schemes, enabling the quick development and configuration of new fraud prevention rules. These rules use a combination of transactional and object data, preset parameters, object risk scoring and historical data to analyse any transaction.


L19 Fraud Management provides functionality to analyse customer behaviour patterns and transaction flow, ensures alert generation, and enables operators to conduct investigations, describe rules and case actions, and document workflow.

The solution has been developed to be easily integrated into the existing infrastructure of any financial institution, with online integration protocols and flexible file exchange and processing modules.


  • Fraud prevention, detection & monitoring
  • Flexible and configurable fraud detection rules
  • Complex analysis of risk objects
  • Transaction flow analysis
  • Online and offline detection
  • Alert generation and notification system
  • Risk manager workplaces
  • Access rights control
  • Investigation and dispute management
  • Comprehensive reporting tools
  • Compliance with security standards


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Latitude 19
Credit Card

Emilia Clarke
Flexible Configuration
  • Flexible product configuration
  • Full product lifecycle management
  • Multi-institution and multi-currency support
  • Credit line and fund management tools
  • Individual and corporate programs
  • Application processing and scoring engine
  • Debt tracking tools
  • Emilia Clarke
    Key Features
  • Delinquency management
  • Loyalty and marketing campaigns
  • Real-time card and account management
  • Clearing and settlement
  • Comprehensive accounting engine
  • Customisable formats and interfaces for system integration
  • User-friendly graphical workplaces for platform administration