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High Impact
Prepaid Solution

Higher Profits
  • Prepaid card processing is driving innovation and higher profits in payments. We can craft unique offers and target cardholders in lucrative markets across a broad range of use cases using our industry-leading platform.
Control and Innovation
  • Our platform lets Program Managers quickly create, test, and scale features tailored to the needs of any market segment. Add new programs instantly and make changes on your terms and timeline, all without any downtime.
Improved Experience
  • Build a customer-centered cardholder experience with innovative, personalized features like consumer controls and alerts, digital and mobile features, multi-currency purses, and integrated loyalty programs.
Program Performance
  • Let us help you implement a program regimen focused on driving your profitability. Our team will help you increase activation, load, and usage. We’ll work with you to formulate the right strategies.
Global Applications

Launch differentiated solutions for general purpose reloadable (GPR), payroll, government disbursement, employee expense and incentive cards, or any payments use case. Your imagination will have no limits.

Muti-Currency Applications

Offer the convenience of multiple currencies on a single card. Profit from real-time FOREX lookups. Or provide consumers with easier ways to manage their money.

New Business Model

Postal organizations have tremendous community trust, but are struggling with declining revenue in the digital economy. Now you can diversify with a suite of high-value payment solutions.

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Latitude 19 Prepaid Card
Innovative Product

L19's Prepaid Card covers the entire prepaid card product range; from more simplistic offerings (e.g. one-time use magstripe gift cards) to more complex (multi-use EMV prepaid debit cards for corporate use) to more innovative (virtual prepaid cards issued at an ATM or on the internet).


As a payment tool, the prepaid card offers numerous benefits for customers, businesses, merchants and financial institutions. Whether providing a safer alternative to cash, enhancing loyalty programs or introducing services to the unbanked or underbanked market segments.

Our Prepaid Card solution provides financial institutions, merchants and merchant networks with everything they need to develop multiple types of prepaid programs and to manage these end-to-end across their product lifecycle.


Our Prepaid Card can be deployed and configured to meet the requirements of any retail bank, credit union, retailer, ISO, prepaid program manager, and local and national card schemes.


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Latitude 19 Payment
Exclusive Prepaid Card

Emilia Clarke
Account Management
  • Card and account management
  • Customer record management
  • Plastic card and virtual card issuance
  • Centralized, decentralised and instant issuance technologies
  • Flexible product configuration, fees and commissions setup and limits and restrictions management
  • Comprehensive accounting engine
  • Inventory management
  • Emilia Clarke
    Key Features
  • Statements
  • Dispute management
  • Reporting and monitoring tools
  • Comprehensive fraud detection and prevention
  • Clearing and settlement
  • Multi-channel management
  • Customisable formats and interfaces for system integration
  • User friendly graphical workplaces for system administration