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Latitude 19 Payment
Merchant Acquiring

Latitude 19 Payments Merchant Acquiring is a payment software platform built on game-changing principles. Merchants and their acquirers should be able to operate in any country and personalize their services to attract more clients. Payments should be instant and rely on enhanced transaction data. Payment channels should go beyond POS or e-commerce, and accept more than cards. These are the principles that are making Way4 the first choice for acquirers worldwide.

Expand your merchant payment services into any region, channel or segment with the top-rated software from Latitude 19

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Bill Payment

Internet portal for financial institutions that allows electronic payments for a variety of services and businesses.

Recurring Payments

You can automate the collection process periodically. A cardholder authorizes the charge by credit or debit card and you can set up the recurring payment.

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Merchant Payment Services


A payment acceptance and business administration system based on the cloud. We group together point of sales functionalities and business management tools in a single system, making your job easier.

Point of Sale

We provide several ways to communicate with different networks and POS terminals that adjust to your business needs. Terminals comply with all government requirements.

Cash Registers

We facilitate integration to cash register systems (ECR) from affiliated merchants, in order to interconnect their billing and payment processing. Integration for balancing and transaction accounting.

Virtual POS

With a card reader and computer, you can process payments at any location without the need for additional software, integration or programming, with the assurance that all transactions are secure.

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