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Payment Innovation

Latitude19 Technology is a world class payment solution provider that offers competitively priced, custom card payment solutions to clients around the world. Our acquiring and issuing processing solutions are end-to-end with the ability to support Visa, MC, UPI, AliPay, PoS, eCommerce and Mobile.

We’ve recently expanded our market reach with the addition of our new office in Panama, that will allow us to effectively provide optimum quality  service to our customers in the Latin American market.

We can help to maintain and modernize your payment infrastructure and provide 24/7 support to issues a business may face.

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What We Actually Do

International Payment Gateway Partner

Latitude19 Technology is a Cayman Island internet payment gateway solution provider. The merchant will benefit from the “open” payment gateway design in areas of faster credit card transaction processing speed, cardholder security, and investment protection. Latitude19 Technology utilizes a holistic approach with the merchant by offering its expertise with: Cayman business setup, merchantID process and review, and systems and shopping cart integration.

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An important factor in any business expansion plan is cost containment and improving your bottom line. Country corporate tax structures play an important role in your decision. Cayman businesses are 100% exempt from: income tax, corporate tax and capital gains tax. We understand what is required to establish a business entity in this tax friendly jurisdiction and will assist with:

Business analysis and modeling 35%
solution design 70%
systems implementation 100%
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Our Initiatives

Company Vision

Our company vision incorporates corporate social responsibility at its core. We use it to inform decisions on how we run our business; from investing in and growing our resources, to our partnership programs and charity work.

Environment – we only partner with hardware providers who share the same core values as ourselves, dedicated to reducing their carbon footprint and environmental impact where possible.

Education –we believe in investing in our people through in-house and external education programs, encouraging employees to grow, learn and share; to foster innovation and the generation of ideas. We also work with local universities to encourage students to take an interest in technology and the subsequent career paths available.

Equality – as a global company with offices covering different regions and cultural sensibilities, we support equal opportunity free from discrimination, in and outside of our workplaces. We encourage communication and co-operation to ensure the ethical treatment of all employees independent of race, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, religious belief, age, disability or social background.

Charity – we work with charities that support the local communities in which we operate and encourage our employees to make time for volunteering and other charitable activities.