Internet Payment Gateway

Merchants are able to pre-authorize, authorize only, capture, void, and refund credit card transactions using our payment gateway, with real-time reporting available to assist with quick response times, managing customer expectations and service levels.

Our secure internet gateway will provide the merchant the flexibility of multi-currency checkout options on their websites using China Union Pay, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and others.

Key Features:

Prepaid Cards

Our prepaid card solution provides a fast, less costly and convenient alternative to electronic check vendors. Prepaid cards are an alternative payment solution to cash and are accepted all over the world. Prepaid card can be used for online purchases, at ATMs and may withdraw funds in local currency at an ATM for a nominal charge. Acting like a payroll card, the prepaid card is convenient for payees in countries like Costa Rica, Russia, China, Brazil, and India, and where international wire transfers, bank checks and accounts are time consuming, costly, and difficult to obtain.

Virtual Terminal

The Virtual Terminal allows a business owner to manually authorize and process credit card and check transactions from any computer with an internet connection. The Virtual Terminal replaces an authorization terminal and enables a business owner to process a transaction without the credit card or check present.

Hosted Shopping Cart Services

Our hosted shopping cart services offers a turnkey, integrated shopping cart solution that helps address the merchant's requirements of security, flexibility, and cost control.

  • Security

    Hosted in a secure, PCI compliant data center helps reduce your vulnerability of hackers searching for credit cards numbers. Servers use secure socket layer (SSL) technology which means you will not have to be concerned with maintaining this level of security for PCI compliant purposes.

  • Flexibility

    There are many customization features available with the shopping cart that will address you online service growth. Since you will not need to be concerned with maintaining servers, software updates, and monitoring sites for security releases, yu will have more time to focus on your core business.

  • Cost Control

    A fixed monthly fee allows for an improved level of predictability for budgeting purposes. You will not have costs associated with hardware and software to maintain an-house shopping cart.

API Integration

Our API Integration solution allows our merchants to utilize the highest level of secure transaction infrastructure available. Our API uses secure sockets layer (SSL) digital certificate technology to connect securely and directly between our merchants and the payment gateway.

Fraud and Risk Management: Boost Sales and Beat Fraud

Kount is a leading innovator of e-commerce solutions designed to "Boost Sales and Beat Fraud" for business working in card-not-present environments.

Our all-in-one, SaaS platform helps online merchants approve more orders, uncover new revenue streams, simplify fraud detection and dramatically improve bottom line profitability. Kount's proprietary technology has reviewed hundreds of millions of transactions and provides maximum protection for some of the world's best-known brands. Most importantly, Kount's turnkey solution is both easy to implement and easy to use. With minimal time and no disruption, your business will accept more orders from more people in more places than ever before.

  • Beat Fraud

    For each transaction, the Kount platform analyzes hundreds of relevant variables and activity across the globe in real-time, providing the most accurate fraud protection available. Kount applies a multitude of proven and proprietary technologies based on the specific needs of each customer, minimizing fraud loss and the need for manual review of orders.

  • Boost Sales

    With fraud under control, online businesses can focus on growing revenue through higher conversion rates and other initiatives, like adding new products or international expansion. Kount's business intelligence and reporting tools make it easy to maximize sales opportunities of current customers and incrementally increase sales to new customers.

Consumer Authentication (3D Secure)

Using Consumer Authentication will actually increase online merchants' sales, and not increase cart abandonment, as many online retailers recall from the early days of 3-D Secure. Cardinal's rules-based approach allows for either passive or active authentication. With passive authentication, which is appropriate for most transactions, the consumer has a friction-free checkout experience, resulting in fewer false positives, increased sales, less cart abandonment and lost sales.

Benefits of Cardinal Consumer Authentication

Increased Sales

  • Increased sales

    With rules, merchants can challenge transactions that they might auto-decline today; there are fewer "false positives" that would be declined by a traditional 3-D Secure program. Also, when banks see that a transaction has been authenticated, they are more likely to authorize the transaction.

  • Allows International Sales

    In regions where 3-D Secure has been mandated, transactions are required to go through a 3-D Secure protocol. Merchants not using 3-D Secure, therefore, cannot sell to consumers in these mandated regions.

Improved Margins

  • Liability Shift on Chargebacks

    Many merchant categories are entitled to liability shift on chargebacks when they use a Consumer Authentication solution for their CNP transactions. This means that when the transaction is authenticated, the card issuer takes on the liability for chargebacks. When a cardholder disputes the charge, the merchant is not responsible for chargebacks. This will be more and more important as the EMV liability deadline approaches and CNP fraud increases.

  • Lower Interchange Fees

    Transactions that are authenticated through a Consumer Authentication solution are eligible for lower interchanges fees because the transactions are more secure and therefore less expensive for the bank to process.

  • Less Manual Review

    Because there are fewer "false positives" that require human intervention to authorize, these is less manual review. Manual review is inherently more expensive because of the labor involved. When there is less manual review, merchants save money. Combining Consumer Authentication with a fraud solution, manual review can be reduced up to 50%.

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