Latitude19 Technology

Your International E-Commerce Payment Gateway Partner

Latitude19 Technology is a Cayman Island internet payment gateway solution provider. The merchant will benefit from the “open” payment gateway design in areas of faster credit card transaction processing speed, cardholder security, and investment protection. Latitude19 Technology utilizes a holistic approach with the merchant by offering its expertise with: Cayman business setup, merchantID process and review, and systems and shopping cart integration.

Think Global

An important factor in any business expansion plan is cost containment and improving your bottom line. Country corporate tax structures play an important role in your decision. Cayman businesses are 100% exempt from: income tax, corporate tax and capital gains tax. We understand what is required to establish a business entity in this tax friendly jurisdiction and will assist with:

Freedom of Choice

What would you do if your payment processor was "compromised" and VISA and/or MasterCard shut them down for a period of time? How much would that affect your bottom line? Customer attrition? Our solution offers an open and flexible architecture that affords you improved agility and mobility. This can only be performed by an architecture that makes it easy to integrate with other payment processors. A technology that provides:

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